QC Electronics: An Array of Equipment Options

QC Electronics offers customers throughout the electronics manufacturing sector a large variety of high-quality capital equipment options, including Print Control Board Cleaners, Printers, Wave Solder, Ovens, Automated Optical Inspection and more.

QC Electronics: An Array of Equipment Options

QC Electronics is based in Northern Kentucky.

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Craig Curk: Building an Industry Leader

In 2005, Craig Curk, along with noted professionals Al and Mike Cable, co-founded the selective solder equipment manufacturer known as ACE Production Technologies. Within a short time frame, Craig Curk helped to transform ACE into an industry leader.

Craig Curk: Building an Industry Leader

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Craig Curk: Manager and Trainer

Craig Curk: Manager and Trainer

As a leader of the Quad Systems Midwest Territory Sales Team, Craig Curk was responsible not only for hiring well-qualified and talented sales personnel, but also for managing, training and developing them into a high-performance team.

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Craig Curk: Former Soccer Player

Craig Curk currently coaches a youth soccer team. As a former Division 1 soccer player at Xavier University, Craig Curk has an in-depth understanding of the game; something he is able to share with his players on a daily basis.

Craig Curk: Former Soccer Player


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Craig Curk: Are You Getting a Great Deal?

Craig Curk is the founder and leader of businesses within the field of electronics sales. As the head of QC Electronics, Curk specializes in selling businesses high-quality surface mount equipment and accessories, working to ensure each customer can rest easy knowing they’ve received the best value for their dollar.

Craig Curk: Are You Getting a Great Deal?

Craig Curk understands the anxiety business owners often feel when making large purchases, as such investments tend to come with a certain degree of uncertainty. Ensuring you are receiving a high-quality, reliable product is important, and can be done by:

Asking Questions

No matter what you happen to be shopping for, it’s important to be inquisitive, and to gather as much information as possible about the product, the purchasing process and any guarantees or warranties that may be attached.

Requesting Pictures

Assessing the quality of the machine isn’t really possible over the phone. Before making a large purchase, be sure to request current pictures, images and descriptions of the product.

Knowing the Return Policy

Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure you understand the company’s return policy.

As Craig Curk knows, you can never have too much information when it comes to making a large purchase, particularly when the investment has a direct impact on your business.

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Craig Curk: Building an Effective Sales Team

Building, training and maintaining a talented and effective sales team is no easy task; hiring and developing the best individuals, as well as retaining them for the long-term, requires time, insight and dedication. An experienced sales professional and manager, Craig Curk knows the challenge of developing a great sales team quite well, and is familiar with those practices that provide leaders the best opportunities for doing so.

Craig Curk: Building an Effective Sales Team

When building a high-performance sales staff, it’s best to:

Keep Training Sessions Short and Concise

Extensive training events can be counterproductive. Through short bursts of energetic, engaging sales instruction sessions, you can help to ensure better retention, as well as to eliminate training fatigue.

Provide On-the-Spot Feedback:

Everyone makes mistakes, but waiting an extended period of time to offer critiques or feedback is often an ineffective way to prevent such behavior in the future. On-the-spot instruction and feedback allows your professionals to incorporate adjustment quickly.

Acknowledge Accomplishments:

Maintaining team morale, as well as a fun work environment, means acknowledging and rewarding your employees when something goes right. As Craig Curk knows, it’s essential to show your staff your appreciation on a regular basis.

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Craig Curk: Reversing Negative Trends

Craig Curk understands what it takes to build a successful firm, having established and transformed QC Electronics into an industry-leading supplier of new and used SMT and SMD equipment.  A savvy business and sales professional, Curk knows how to identify problems and deliver solutions quickly, and to turn negative business trends around.

Craig Curk

Reversing negative trends within a firm requires persistence and patience, as well as a commitment to a multi-faceted and transformative approach to operation.

Analyze and Identify. To uncover those elements ailing your company, it’s important to take the time to thoroughly analyze its systems and structure. This is the only way to root out the inefficiencies and problems posing potential harm to your bottom line.

Retrain and Reacclimate. Often times it is employee and/or managerial underperformance that is hurting a company’s efficiency. Revamping your workplace philosophy and retraining your workforce, when done properly, can lead to a more passionate and reinvigorated staff invested in achieving company goals.

Be Methodical. As a proven leader of successful firms, Craig Curk understands the importance of taking the company repair process step by step. While it may be tempting to do everything at once, it’s better to be careful and methodical in your approach, and to eliminate the possibility of creating even more problems along the way.

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