Craig Curk: Three Reasons to Start a Business

Craig Curk began working in electronics industry in 1987. That year, he accepted a regional management position with Quad Systems. He took on an ownership role when he was only twenty-six years old. In 2005, he founded QC Electronics. He had spent years gaining experience and used his knowledge to start a business. He enjoys the challenges of owning and operating a business.

One reason to start a business is to become your own boss. Running a company requires hard work, however, building your own company can be highly satisfying. Another reason to create a new business is to fill an unmet need in your industry. Mr. Curk established QC Electronics in order to meet a need for pre-owned electronics equipment.

A third reason to start a business is to create a company that can benefit from all of your own experiences. Professionals who spend years working in their industries may have several ideas on how to run a company. Business owners can use their experiences to create training programs and to build client relationships that can benefit the company. Craig Curk is an experienced professional in the electronics industry

About Craig Curk

Craig Curk has been a youth soccer coach for over ten years. With a National “D” License, he has led his U-15 boys’ team to tenth place in the state cup championship in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He played Division I soccer at Xavier University while he was completing his BSBA in Accounting, but he never lost the desire to be involved with the sport.
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