Craig Curk – How To Boost Your Home’s Sale Value

Craig Curk has an interest in property flipping, which involves purchasing houses and boosting their sale value so that you can turn a profit from them. There are a number of simple things that you can do to boost the value of any property in your possession, with the below being amongst the quickest and most cost-effective.

Craig CurkLook Towards Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has been a hot-button topic for a number of years now, so many new buyers will look for properties that are as efficient as possible. Consider installing insulation, double-glazing and brand new appliances in the property to make it as efficient as possible. If you are able to afford the investment, technologies like solar power and geothermal pumps can also increase a home’s value enormously.

Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms to most buyers, so you should focus your renovations in these areas above all others, especially if you are working with to a limited budget. Try to make them as modern as possible, while still staying in keeping with the style of the house itself.

Create Space

Craig Curk is aware of a number of the tactics that people use to increase the values of their homes. One of the best ways to boost the price is to create space in the property. Convert lofts and basements so that they can actually be used as extra rooms and consider knocking down non-structural walls to create larger spaces in the main body of the house.


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Craig Curk – Advice For Completing a Soccer Pass

Craig Curk is an experienced soccer coach who has been working with an under-15’s team in Kentucky at the Buckeye Premier State level for a number of years. Passing is one of the most fundamental skills that all soccer players will need to learn, as the game is a team sport and poor passing is likely to prevent players from reaching their full potentials. The following are all useful things to keep in mind when making passes.

Craig CurkGet Your Head Up

The first thing you should do when making a pass is get your head up and take a look around you. Scan the pitch quickly for players who are open for the pass and make your decision quickly about who you will pass to. As your skills develop, you should also be able to start picking out runs and anticipating where players will be.

Eyes On The Ball

Once you have picked out the player you want to pass to, you need to keep your eyes on the ball as you actually make the pass, as failure to do so could lead to a poor connection that results in the pass flying away somewhere else. Follow through with the passing motion to ensure that the ball goes in the intended direction.

Check Your Power

Craig Curk has been coaching youth football since 2001. Passing is not always about generating as much power as possible, so make sure you rein things in a little, especially when making short passes. Use the inside of the foot, rather than the laces of the boot, until your skills start to develop.


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Craig Curk – Instructions For Re-gripping A Golf Club

As an experienced golfer, Craig Curk often needs to re-grip his clubs, especially as they start to show signs of wear and tear after prolonged use. This is a process that many golfers are unfamiliar with, so if you think your club needs re-gripping try to keep all of the below pointers in mind.

Craig Curk

Clean and Vice

Before your start handling the grip on the club, you should clean the area around it and then place the club in a vice. It is a good idea to place some rubber grips inside the vice, as this will provide a little bit of give when working on the club, which should prevent you from accidentally bending the club itself.

Removed The Old Grip

Make use of a utility knife to cut down the length of the grip, lightly cutting the tape. However, make sure that you don’t cut too deeply as you may end up shearing through the tape underneath and into the club. Once you have made the cut, pull it with your fingers and you should find that the grip pulls off fairly easily. If you’re having trouble, consider using a liquid solvent to make the process a little easier.

Placing The New Grip

Craig Curk has replaced a number of club grips. Wrap the relevant area of the club in double-sided tape and cover both that and the inside of the new grip in liquid solvent. Use a golf tee to plug the hole at the end of the grip. After that, it should be easy to slide the new grip on and adjust it to your preferences.

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Craig Curk – Qualities of a Great Walking Scorer

As a knowledgeable player, Craig Curk enjoys being a part of the professional buzz. He has served as a support member at many high-profile matches, such as the 2005 US Open at NCR Club and the 2007 Ryder Cup at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky. He knows that the role of walking scorer plays a crucial role during these events.

Craig Curk

The Walking scorer job is prestigious, and it can be difficult to get a foot in the door initially. Take as many volunteering opportunities as you possibly can to build some credibility and be patient. You will also need to dedicate a couple of days to this commitment, so keep your daily schedule in mind.

Walking scorers must be ready for anything. You’ll be working regardless of weather conditions, and you must be in good health to walk the full span of the course while wearing and carrying the proper equipment.

It’s necessary that all walking scorers understand golf rules and etiquette. This is a very formal activity that requires attention to detail and accuracy as you will be keeping the statistics and score for more than one person. These are the people who are relied upon to keep track of and record the eventual champion.

To be a strong walking scorer, customer service is key. Maintaining yourself in a friendly and helpful manner at all times, regardless of the circumstances, is essential.

Craig Curk co-founded a youth golf team at St. Joseph School in Cold Spring, Kentucky. He served as the golf director there.


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Craig Curk – Four Reasons to Be on a Gameshow

Craig Curk knows that appearing on a game show is the thrill of a lifetime, and he’s done it twice. He says there are many reasons apart from winning money to apply to be a contestant, such as the following.

Craig Curk

  • Being a game show contestant gives you a brief taste of the limelight. Everyone needs a few moments in front of the camera, to be able to wave to family back at home and enjoy a little fame. Game show audiences are typically small, so even if you get stage fright, you’ll most likely be working with an intimate crowd.
  • Participating on a game show provides you with a wonderful story for friends and family because it’s a rare opportunity that not everyone will have the privilege to experience.
  • Being on a game show can test your knowledge. Depending on the type of show you are chosen for, you will be able to push your trivia skills to the very edge.
  • If by chance you win cash, you will be able to improve your own quality of life or help a friend or family member. Every little bit helps, and even a small prize can help you pay off a credit card or go toward a mortgage payment.
  • Game shows are meant to be fun. Taking a day to escape the daily grind of work and responsibility is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself.

Craig Curk is a successful business owner in the electronics sales industry. He coaches youth soccer in his spare time.


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Craig Curk – Three Secrets to Entrepreneurship

Although many factors simply are out of entrepreneurs’ hands, there are a number of elements that can be controlled to increase the likelihood of a fruitful business launch. Craig Curk knows what it takes to create a successful business in today’s electronics industry and encourages young entrepreneurs to take the following into account before jumping off the deep end.

Craig Curk

Provide high-quality service with a deep focus on satisfaction. A high percentage of your energy should be directed toward making people feel good about choosing your company. Creating activities such as customer loyalty programs and referral incentives add an extra flair that helps clients feel valued and respected.

Empower employees through praise and recognition. The fear of making mistakes is often a determiner of a failing business. Employees must feel safe and comfortable asking for help, knowing that they can learn by experience without being penalized.
Cut costs whenever possible to anticipate difficult financial times for your company. Run on the minimum funding while maintaining the quality of the product.

Develop a quick reaction time to failure. People make mistakes in the beginning stages of launching a business, and taking three days instead of a week to work out an issue saves you time and money.

Set realistic goals and take decisive action to accomplish them. New companies can get caught up in the motions without making any meaningful change, so it’s important to set dates and follow through.

Craig Curk has founded numerous electronics companies, including QC Electronics and ACE Production Technologies.

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Craig Curk – An Argument for PCB Selective Soldering

While many innovations have been made in surface mount technology (SMT), selective soldering remains a useful method because of its precision and cost-effectiveness. Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, have become much more sophisticated in the last few decades, and Craig Curk advises that using high-quality machinery is important for accurate assembly.

Craig Curk

Craig Curk

As all types of machinery become more intricate, new types of processes have been introduced to meet these new technological needs to produce higher quantities in a shorter amount of time, such as reflow soldering, a method that has optimized the industry. However, through-hole technology is a type of mounting scheme that requires a separate process because the electrical components are embedded into one side of a PCB and soldered to pads on the other side, known as a pin. These pins must undergo selective soldering to ensure delicate handling of complicated SMT components. With a focus on detail, specific areas of the board can be manipulated with no damage to the surrounding area. Hand soldering is another method for achieving the same end, although the process is slow, expensive, and comparatively less accurate than a programmable machine.

Selective soldering can pose challenges in certain situations that, luckily, are entirely manageable. At times, the flux, an element of solder paste, may not activate properly and spread to other parts of the board. Pre-heating the board before the processing can help decrease that likelihood to catalyze flux activation. Craig Curk launched many successful electronics companies. He lives in Kentucky with his wife and children.

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