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Craig Curk – Tips For New Soccer Goalkeepers

While attending Xavier University, Craig Curk played as a Division 1 goalkeeper in the sport of soccer. The position is amongst the most challenging in the sport, as keepers are the last line of defense in terms of preventing the … Continue reading

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Craig Curk – Qualities of a Great Walking Scorer

As a knowledgeable player, Craig Curk enjoys being a part of the professional buzz. He has served as a support member at many high-profile matches, such as the 2005 US Open at NCR Club and the 2007 Ryder Cup at … Continue reading

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Craig Curk – Four Reasons to Be on a Gameshow

Craig Curk knows that appearing on a game show is the thrill of a lifetime, and he’s done it twice. He says there are many reasons apart from winning money to apply to be a contestant, such as the following. … Continue reading

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