Craig Curk Sticks With Dayton Through Thick and Thin

Craig Curk’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio was seriously involved in the World War II war effort as the location of the Dayton Project, which developed the early atomic bombs’ polonium triggers.  Despite the ups and downs of the economy, Dayton’s upwardly mobile growth curve during the 1950’s and 60’s had far reaching effects on the Dayton area which created the rich employment opportunities of hometown boy Craig Curk’s life today.

Craig Curk

The suburban regions of Craig Curk’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio in the United States grew by leaps and bounds from the 50’s through the 70’s, with veterans returning from military service to take the many industrial and manufacturing jobs available from local Dayton industry.  By the 80’s, however, the population of Dayton had declined, along with the loss of industry jobs which had driven the economy of the city for so long.  Only by diversifying its industry into different growth sectors, like healthcare and education, has Dayton been able to continue to be an attractive employment destination.

The Dayton, Ohio of Craig Curk is proud of its nickname, the Gem City, which may have arisen from popular local racehorse Gem, may have been perpetuated by an effusive article on Dayton’s gemlike attributes which appeared in the Cincinnati Daily Chronicle in 1845, and may have been cemented by noted black poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, a hometown boy who referred to the Gem reference in his poem Toast to Dayton.  Eventually, Gem City won out over the earlier colloquialism Little Detroit, which had come from Dayton’s early competition with nearby regional city Detroit, also a heavy manufacturing town.

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About Craig Curk

Craig Curk has been a youth soccer coach for over ten years. With a National “D” License, he has led his U-15 boys’ team to tenth place in the state cup championship in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He played Division I soccer at Xavier University while he was completing his BSBA in Accounting, but he never lost the desire to be involved with the sport.
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