Craig Curk – Qualities of a Great Walking Scorer

As a knowledgeable player, Craig Curk enjoys being a part of the professional buzz. He has served as a support member at many high-profile matches, such as the 2005 US Open at NCR Club and the 2007 Ryder Cup at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky. He knows that the role of walking scorer plays a crucial role during these events.

Craig Curk

The Walking scorer job is prestigious, and it can be difficult to get a foot in the door initially. Take as many volunteering opportunities as you possibly can to build some credibility and be patient. You will also need to dedicate a couple of days to this commitment, so keep your daily schedule in mind.

Walking scorers must be ready for anything. You’ll be working regardless of weather conditions, and you must be in good health to walk the full span of the course while wearing and carrying the proper equipment.

It’s necessary that all walking scorers understand golf rules and etiquette. This is a very formal activity that requires attention to detail and accuracy as you will be keeping the statistics and score for more than one person. These are the people who are relied upon to keep track of and record the eventual champion.

To be a strong walking scorer, customer service is key. Maintaining yourself in a friendly and helpful manner at all times, regardless of the circumstances, is essential.

Craig Curk co-founded a youth golf team at St. Joseph School in Cold Spring, Kentucky. He served as the golf director there.


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About Craig Curk

Craig Curk has been a youth soccer coach for over ten years. With a National “D” License, he has led his U-15 boys’ team to tenth place in the state cup championship in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He played Division I soccer at Xavier University while he was completing his BSBA in Accounting, but he never lost the desire to be involved with the sport.
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